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This one-of-a-kind cue is truly a sight to behold. Made with the finest CNC-machinery and finished up by hand.

We may be witnessing the future of billiards technology in this cue.

You can use the new Raptor X-TREME cue both for playing, breaking, and playing. The cue easily comes apart to operate as a jump cue. You can also add or remove weight to different sections of the cue. Optimizing the balance point to your personal preference.

The Raptor E-XTREME is made from Carbon fiber and CX-7075. This is an alloy developed by the cue maker by doing research in the aerospace, automotive, and military industries. The end result is an “unbreakable” cue made to last a lifetime.

All the finish is done by hand, and there is a lot included when you buy this cue;

  • 1 x wooden shaft
  • 1 x carbon fiber shaft
  • 4 weights (more available on request)
  • 1 long extension
  • 1 x extension to turn the shaft into a jump cue
  • 1 x cue case

If desired, you can also get text engraved into the cue.

You can choose between no-wrap, leather, or a regular wrap.

As of late 2020, the Italian pool profile Fabio Petroni decided to start playing with these cues.

  • One of the world’s most successful luxury brands.
  • Massimiliano Maggio also owns Osprey Billiards LLC.
  • All cues and tables are made in Italy with the finest material.
  • Known for making innovative pool table designs.

Read more about Massimiliano Maggio.

Pictures from their showroom in Rome (Italy) and Florida (US). The table is the award-winning Ziggurat.


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