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  • One of the worlds most successful luxury brands.
  • Massimiliano Maggio also owns Osprey Billiards LLC.
  • Creator of the unique Raptor X-TREME cue series.
  • All cues and tables are made in Italy with the finest material. 
  • Known for making innovative pool table designs.
  • Producer of the Raptor X-treme cue series. They are made from Carbon Fiber and cx-7075. Materials typically used in aerospace.
  • All cues comes with 2 shafts, with the option of carbon fiber and/or maple.
  • The Raptor X-treme cue series can easily be broken down to a jump cue. It also has movable weights to adjust the balance point.
  • A versatile and unbreakable cue.
  • Massimiliano Maggio sponsors to profiled Italian player Fabio Petroni


Massimiliano Maggio was born in Rome, Italy, and has spent a big portion of his life designing pool tables for their family business. He has also been a design teacher at the LABA University based in Florence. 

Massimiliano relocated his efforts back to the headquarters of the family business in 2000. There he took the position as the Creative Director. The team focused on designing very unique pool tables with extraordinary designs for the high-end market. In addition to making stunning pool tables and awesome pool cues, they also manufacture cues for carom (3-cushion) players. 

Massimiliano Maggio has during his 18 years as Creative Director played a massive role in creating one of the worlds most successful luxury brands. One of their creations is the iconic pool table “Ziggurat” which to this day still is considered one of the worlds most luxurious pool tables.


The Raptor X-TREME cue is actually a jump, playing- and break cue in one. This may be one of the most versatile cues ever is made from carbon fiber and CX-7075. This is an alloy developed in their own laboratories by studying the automotive, aerospace, and military alloys used for highly stressed structural parts. The result is a an unbreakable cue, made to last a lifetime.

Quality and stunning design merged

The playing cue can quickly turn into a jump or break cue.

The handcrafted quality are incredibly precise. Using CNC machines for millimeter accuracy. 

When you buy a Massimiliano Maggio cue, you get 2 shafts included. You can chose between carbon and maple shafts, or a combination. You also get 4 weights (more possible on request) and a cue extension. You also get a cue case and a cleaning wrap.

The cues comes both with and without a wrap. 

It’s also possible to request your name on it.


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