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Adding 2.5 inches to the overall length of your cue, this Cue-Max™ extension is perfect for players that need a pool cue that is just slightly longer than the standard.  Instead of having to order a “custom” made cue, which can take several months and add hundreds of dollars to the cost, you can convert almost any cue to the perfect length with this precision tool.

The Cue-Max™ will face up perfectly straight at the joint between the butt and the shaft so it’s guaranteed to maintain the straightness of your pool cue. This is perfect for taller players and people with longer wingspans as it allow them to position their backhand in the wrap area of the stick where that hand is supposed to go for the proper feel and balance with their stroke.

Need a little less length to get the perfect balance?  Go with the Cue-Max™ 1.5 inch version!


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