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Predator 25th anniversary video


  • The company was founded in 1994.
  • Industry giants.
  • Players like Joshua Filler, Carlo Biado, James Aranas and Tyler Styer uses their cues.
  • Known for making innovative and groundbreaking billiard products.
  • Cue prices range from $200 to almost $2,400.
  • Inventors of the Revo and 314 shafts.
  • Made in the US.
  • A huge network of dealers worldwide.
  • Sponsored team consist of over 100 of the most profiled players in the world.


The Predator brand is owned by the Predator Group. They are a leading international billiard manufacturer with a long tradition. Predator are known for making high qualiy innovative products. Their brand is perhaps the most known in the pool community worldwide.

Their headquarter is bases in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Predator’s guiding stars are quality, precision, accuracy and innovation.


Predator has since 1994, up until today, been in the forefront of innovation. Perhaps the most groundbreaking product was the 314 shafts.

It’s design gives improved results in 4 key areas; power, accuracy, consistency and feel. This is by many viewed as the first true “LD shaft”.

2001 was the year the company revealed their “BK Technology”. This was Predator’s first cue specifically meant for breaking. They introduced tips, ferruls and a weight distribution system which gave the player maximum power and control.

In 2016 they followed up their innovative tradition, by launching the Predator REVO carbon fiber composite shaft. It’s actually made of aerospace grade carbon fiber, and testing shows that it gives the players even more accuracy and lower deflection. The Revo shafts are also incredible durable, and quickly became a favorite in the pool community.

In 2007, the Predator Group launched their moderately priced brand “Poison”. They also own “UniLock”, who produce precision pool cue joints and part.

Predator cues has since 1994 been pioneers in the pool industry. They have an underlying passion for creating innovative products meeting, and surpassing, the pool players needs and desires. Their high performance, well designed cues, is currently the market leader. A big portion of the most well known pool professionals plays with their equipment.

Predator are the frontrunners in cue technology


You will find reviews of Predator cues here, and we can safely recommend the brand.


You can buy a Predator cue in almost every country in the world. They have a well established network of dealers. In 2020 they also re-designed their own webshop, making it easy to order directly from them.

Due to a high demand, there are sometimes a long delivery time, so make sure you pull the trigger quickly when you see available products.

Predator cues also has a high re-sale value.

Predator cues have several series, ranging from entry-level cues priced at $200 all the way up to their high-end cues that will cost you up to almost $2,400.

Predator cues sponsors most of the biggest pool series and tournaments worldwide.

Predator 25th anniversary video

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