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  • The founder, Goran Kobas, has been “inventing” since early 2000
  • Products are made in the Netherlands
  • Players like Karl Boyes are just of the many pros been seen using Go Customs.
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Lifetime warranty on shafts.
  • Produces both cues, jump cues, and shafts from carbon fiber. 
  • 95% satisfaction track record.
  • Sponsored team consist of international players.


With 15 years at inventing, testing, creating, repairs and improvements on all possible shafts, cues and other products, it’s safe to say that Go Customs has a substantial knowledge. Because of the love for the sport, they began to build carbon shafts, because they believed that it can be done cheaper and better than the big manufacturers.


GO shafts

GO Customs composite shafts are constructed with multiple layers, mixed with resin-impregnated aircraft engineering unidirectional carbon fiber filaments. First few layers of composite sheets are layered in many directions and the last layer is unidirectional layer. The diameter of each filament is 2 um (0.002 mm), or about one-hundredth of a human hair.

Special GO foam

At the heart of each GO Customs carbon shaft is it’s special spongy foam core. This GO Customs special foam core ads stability to the shaft and gives you great hit, feel and feedback. GO shafts have best wood-feel/hit  of all carbon shafts on the market.

Front end GO technology

Less weight and more flex in the right place is less deflection. GO front end technology construction allows the shaft to have little more flex on the first few inches of the shaft and at the same time less weight as possible and still to be strong enough to give you exact power and control you need. Nothing too much or little, just perfect.

GO SL shafts

SL shafts are developed to provide the most comfortable playing experience, each GO SL shaft features a Slim Long Taper. Measuring 16 inches Slim Long taper on all SL shafts have virtually zero rise, allowing for a more level and precise stroke, regardless of the player’s stroke length.


Go Customs cues and shafts can be bought directly trough their website, or from any of their reputable dealers. Shipping is free worldwide, and they offer a lifetime warranty on their shafts.

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