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Interview with Shane Van Boening


  • Cuetec was founded in 1989 by Jones Chang.
  • Aquired by Imperial International in 2006.
  • Endorsed by Shane Van Boening, Fedor Gorst and others.
  • Produce endurable professional quality cues.
  • Cue prices range from $100 to almost $600.
  • Innovative company.
  • Good dealership network.


Cuetec use high-tech parts from top manufacturers in their production. Most Cuetec cues comes with a TAOM tip.

TAOM produce high quality leather pigskin tips (9 layers). Their tips are used by many top professional pool players.

In the Cuetec R360 series, the ferrule is made from ABS materials. Whilst in the Professional series, the ferrule is made from Polycarbonate.

The shafts in the R360 series use maple wood with a precisely cut wooden exterior coat.

The shafts are coated with graphite or fiberglass to add resistance. Studies show that even if you leave your shaft in hot or cold temperatures, it won’t have a negative effect on the shaft.

Cuetec cues comes with a stainless steel joint.

The cue butts comes with plain wood, Veltex Irish linen or a P/U Sports Grip.

The extension is easy to attach to the butt.


Cuetec Cues are very high-tech. Since 1989 they’ve focused on innovative ways of producing their pool cues. Always making sure they are endurable and accurate. With their hard maple wood and coating, you are guaranteed one of the worlds most durable cues.

In the beginning of 2000, Cuetec had more than 60 different cues in their selection.

                                                                 “Cuetec cues are built to last”

Cuetec shafts are designed using a unique approach that benefits of the qualities from the carbon fiber materiale. They’ve managed to do this without taking away any of the touch and feel that the players need.

1 year of R&D provided what is currently considered one of the best shafts out there.


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Cutec and Imperial has a wide range of dealers to buy a Cuetec cue from.

Their cues are very affordable, and you get great value for your money.

Interview with Shane Van Boening

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