• The company was founded in 1995.
  • Giants in China, and recently the brand is also gaining more world wide recognition.
  • Jayson “Eagle eye” Shaw signed a 10-year deal with Peri back in 2018.
  • Known for making cues and equipment of high quality.
  • Cue prices range from $200 to almost $6,000.
  • One of the very first manufacturers utilizing the “low deflection” technology in their shafts.
  • Peri cues are manufactured by the Weilu Billiards International Co., Ltd factory. 
  • They have their own department dealing with international customers and dealers.
  • Sponsored team consist of 30 international players and 34 Chinese players


Laili Sports Equipment co LTD. from Tianjin (founded 1995) is the distributor of the Peri cues and equipment. The cues are made by the factory of Weilu Billiards International Co., Ltd who are highly specialized in the production of both pool cues, as well as billiard accessories in general. Laili also had the brand “Eclat cues”, but this has as of early 2020 been discontinued to focus solely on the Peri brand.


R&D is one of the companies’ most important areas, and some of their technology is patented. They take great pride in working with only the finest material, giving great results in both, esthetics, playability, and durability.

The company is further more behind the manufacturing of some other established cue brands. Having been their manufacturer in their early years, Laili gained important experience in the selection of material, as well as building a vast knowledge in the process of making a quality pool cue.

The cuemakers will thoroughly select the best exotic timbers, and according to the strict production guidelines, put the wood in a temperature-controlled humidity chamber for the dehydration process. The natural dehydration takes 5 years, and the secret process will provide the wood a density almost unparalleled on the market. You will find both clean, and intricate designs, both with and without inlays in their series. They offer no wrapping or wrapping made from genuine leather or lizard skin.

Some refer to Peri cues as the “Rolex of cues”

The Peri shafts consist of a carbon core, with a patented technology that increases the stability of the wood. Their pool shafts (P20 series) have been recognized as one of the best “LD” (low deflection) shafts for many years.

Laili also owns the Luolu Cue factory, where they primarily focus on the manufacturing of Chinese billiards cues.


You will find reviews of Peri cues here, and we can only speak warmly about the quality of this brand.


Until recently the Peri cues were primarily found in China, where they are by far the #1 sold pool cue.

Laili has hundreds of stores around China, where they cover 30 provinces. In addition, Peri cues are becoming an increasingly more recognized brand worldwide, and you can buy a Peri cue from established dealers both in the US and EU.

With the great esthetic look, and masterful craftmanship precision, it´s hard to believe that these cues are not hand-made.

Peri cues have several series, ranging from entry-level cues priced at $200 all the way up to their high-end cues that will cost you up to almost $8,000.

There are a lot of well-known Chinese players using Peri cues, and Jayson Shaw also plays with this brand. In 2018 he pledged to use the Peri cues for the coming 10 years. 

Peri cues are also one of the sponsors of EPBF´s “Eurotour”, as well as having their own popular live-streamed series “LCBA” in China.



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